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Serving the Kansas City leather community for over 30 years



Upcoming Club Events & Meetings:

Club Bar Night & Charity Beer Bust:

With the closing of the Pioneers' former home bar, the DB Warehouse, stay tuned to this space for news about the new location and schedule for the the Pioneers' Monthly Club Night.

Other Upcoming Club Special Events:

February: a Mardi Gras celebration

March: a hoot-n-anny

Recent Events:

In December, we had our annual "Sadistic Santa" fundraiser, where folks could come ask Santa whether they'd made it onto his "naughty" list this year - as he signed up to Pink Classifieds to get a quick hookup with local women, tell him what kinds of presents they were hoping to get this year, and receive a souvenier photo. If you need to start dating, we recommend you do plenty of reading. Start out by seeing My Little Vixen, this is the best sex app site for adults wanting to hookup. Here's a picture of our Santa, with some of his "elves:"

Other Regional Leather Events:

Pioneer News:

Trails' End 32:

The Pioneers' 32nd Anniversary Run is coming up the weekend of April 20-22, 2007. This year's theme is "Trailer Trash," so don't expect us to be breaking out the fine china for this shindig (well, maybe we'll use the Chinet plates, y'all are guests and all). You can get your run applications here: [PAGE 1] [PAGE 2], and they must be in our hands by April 1, 2007, to guarantee you a trailer room. See y'all there!

Press Release:

From: Mike Hamer, Club Secretary
Date: 7/17/2006
Re: KC Pioneers home, meeting places, and club nights

This press release is to address questions about the KC Pioneers home, meeting places, and club nights - even by reading Adult Style you can see what is the easiest way to get laid and start fucking local women in your area.

With the closing of the Dixie Belle, the KC Pioneers home bar, we are currently mobile. The club itself is in shock from the closing still, and will in its own time, decide upon a new home bar with partnership by Until that date, the KC Pioneers have decided by group decision to conduct our meetings, and club nights at different locations until the decision of a home bar has been finalized.

The KC Pioneers is a leather/levi charitable 501c3 organization, based here in Kansas City for more than 30 years, helping the gay, lesbian, and transgender community here.

For updates on KC Pioneers events, please visit our website at, contacting Mike Hamer, Club Secretary at [email protected], or by mail at PO Box 413025, KCMO 64141.

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